Words and Actions Make a Difference

Words Matter

Our political language is filled with references to metaphorical violence. Continuing on this path will only increase the risk of real violence.

We have to change course. If we don’t the violence we currently see directed at politicians may end up being directed at targets far easier to kill than politicians: each other.

To stop that from happening, we need to start seeing our neighbors as more than left/right caricatures. We need to see the people we share our communities and country with as actual human beings, and remember that labels like “liberal” or “conservative” can never capture the totality of a human being.

I love the simplicity of the Golden Rule, a principle that has the tendency to make those I interact with happier … and when I apply it, it makes me happier as well. So begin once again helping your neighbors, treating your family with kindness, and going the extra mile for your co-workers. I’m convinced that our world would be a better place if more people live by this principle