Photo of the Day – Feb 25th – Key Hole


Photographers chase it. Beachgoers are baffled by it. And at sunset, for just a few weeks in mid-winter, it cuts a fiery path across the undulating waves off the Big Sur coastline.

The orange glowing light that peeks through the Keyhole Arch on Pfeiffer Beach does not have a name. Photographers describe the fleeting phenomenon in adjectives: mystical, otherworldly, ethereal. And Alejandro Corsino captures it beautifully

~photo by Alejandro Corsino

Photo of the Day – Feb 23rd – SPIRIT


I’ll just let the photographer speak. He says it perfect

I was lucky enough to experience two light ray events while in Upper Antelope Canyon that day. The first was a thin pencil-like beam that barely illuminated the small area we were in, and then this one on our way out in this epic cathedral. Our guide threw sand into the air to help pronounce the light, with my shutter capturing this ghost-like pattern rising up through the canyon. It is hard to put into words how amazing this area is, and to be able to capture the light, color, and texture of these canyons was definitely something I won’t forget.

~words & photo by Chris Ward